Virtual Event

Virtual Event

    • 17:00 17:10
      Welcome 10m

      Welcome to vGRNOG10

    • 17:10 17:40
      Embracing open: The AMS-IX Journey to open networking 30m

      Presentation of the new management network implemented at AMS-IX with Dell/Pluribus switches in fabric deployment

      Speaker: Mr Stavros Konstantaras (Senior NOC Engineer at AMS-IX)
    • 17:40 18:10
      The TCP Authentication Option (TCP-AO) 30m

      The TCP Authentication Option (TCP-AO)

      Speaker: Mr Ron Bonica (Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks)
    • 18:10 18:40
      Arista Networks Universal Cloud Networking Overview 30m

      Automation is the key for simplifying network operations from provisioning to day-to-day management. Where manual processes require resources to scale linearly with the network, automation tools amplify the work of each network operations engineer. Simultaneously, the programmatic operation of the network means that it is faster to provision new policies and services in the network.

      Speaker: Mr Yonatan Porat (System Engineer, Arista Networks.)
    • 18:40 19:00
      Enabling Privacy-Aware Zone Exchanges Among Authoritative and Recursive DNS Servers 20m

      We present a privacy-aware schema that is suitable for distributing the contents of Authoritative DNS Server zones to third parties (Recursive DNS Servers, scrubbing services), without disclosing sensitive information. Our schema aims at defending against DNS attacks efficiently, closer to their sources. It is based on the space, time and privacy-aware properties of Cuckoo Filters to map Authoritative DNS Server names efficiently, while enabling rapid name updates for large zones. The feasibility of our schema is tested within our laboratory testbed for various DNS zones. Our work was published in the Proceedings of ACM/IRTF Applied Networking Research Workshop 2020 (ANRW 2020) under the title “Enabling Privacy-Aware Zone Exchanges Among Authoritative and Recursive DNS Servers”.

      Speaker: Mr Nikos Kostopoulos (National Technical University of Athens (NTUA))